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About Carmen and Lloyd Multhauf

Carmen and Lloyd MulthaufCarmen Multhauf has a distinguished career as a Broker and author of educational books for real estate agents. She has extensive experience in real estate, having served as regional director of a real estate franchise and as President of a local Association of REALTORS®. She founded Training and Broker Services (TABS) and wrote the comprehensive "hands on" Real Estate Guide Series for continuing education. Carmen was the founding author of the original SRES® Designation and has expanded the study to multiple generations in a vibrant new Generational Housing Specialist™ Designation. Carmen has a degree from U.C.L.A. in International Relations and is a believer in continued learning, which has lead to earning 6 real estate designations.

Lloyd Multhauf earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the Pennsylvania State University and spent his first career as a scientist, researcher and administrator at a National Laboratory.  As a real estate practitioner, he has contributed to many TABS publications, and has applied his penchant for research and his interest in how people interact to the analysis of Generational Housing through the century.

The Multhaufs are the award winning authors of "Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery" and pioneers in generational studies including the original SRES® designation and the current national GHS™ Designation course. This timely GHS™ designation highlights how generational identities affect today's housing trends. Each generation has common life experiences that profoundly influence its housing choices, negotiating styles and preferred methods of communication. They are also affected differently by changes in financing, retirement systems, estate planning, tax laws, and housing design and location. Particular focus is directed to GenX which is in its prime move-up years and the first-time-buyer Millennials who are changing the face of communication in the real estate community.