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Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery

Book Cover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Generations

Chapter 2. A Century of Change
Population, Immigration, Aging Population, Globalization

Chapter 3. Housing
Housing Over The Century, Today's Housing Market, The Silents, The Boomers, Generation X, Summary, The Future

Chapter 4. GI Generation: The American Dreamers
Growing Up, The Torch is Passed, Personality and Values, Home Ownership, Marketing to the GI Generation, Summary

Chapter 5. The Silent Housing Revolution
Growing Up, Personality and Values, Accomplishments, Housing, Marketing to Silents

Chapter 6. Boomers On The Move
Growing Up, Personality and Values, Leadership, Home Ownership, Retirement, Marketing to Boomers

Chapter 7. Generation X Makes Its Move
Growing Up, Adulthood, Personality and Values, Home Ownership, Marketing to Gen Xer's, Summary

Chapter 8. The Millennials Log On to Housing
Growing Up, Rising Adulthood, Home Ownership, Marketing to Millennials

Chapter 9. Retirement
The Retirement Triangle, Boomers, Gen Xer's and Millennials, Planning for Retirement

Chapter 10. Taxation
Sale of a principal residence, Ownership-Use-Frequency, Capital Gains, Capital Gain Tax Categories
Other Tax Strategies, Simplified Tax Terminology

Chapter 11. Estate Planning
Vesting Designations, The Will and Probate, The Living Trust, Gifting, Life Insurance, Additional Estate Planning Documents

Chapter 12. Finance
Types of Loans, Forward Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages, Secondary Markets

Chapter 13. Behavior Tendencies (DISC)

Chapter 14. Let's Keep It CLEAN
GI Generation, Silents, Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Effective Relationship Building



Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery is an easy, informative read, and a must for anyone serious about a career in real estate sales. Read it, study it, and read it again. In the age of the Internet and Information, it is still vital to "know your customer."
--Saul Klein, President/CEO, Internet Crusade

You took facts, figures, statistics, trends, personalities, and generational differences, then integrated everything into a PhD in real estate. For the licensee or consumer who wants to understand real estate and its future, this will bring the reader to a higher plane. I'm looking forward to the sequel.
--Kathy Howe, Educator/Broker, how2educate LLC, Sedona, AZ

Once again you have hit the target. Your course on Generations is timely, to the point and inclusive. This subject is arguably the most important topic of the times. Understanding Generations will reduce attrition, increase your ability to hire and improve your productivity. You have achieved this in a format fit for any business.
--Buddy West, Author/Educator

"Generational Housing" is a college-level real estate marketing course wrapped up in a quick-reading 149 pages. It is insightful in its division of America's generations into attitudes and preferences. It goes into detail on marketing approaches that are likely to be successful to various age groups based on life experiences and influences. But this is not just another sales guru how-to-get-their-money book that serves neither the consumer nor, ultimately, the professional. "Generational Housing" reminds the true real estate professional that understanding the client's needs must come first.
--Frank Cook, Editor, Real Estate Intelligence Report

Home buyers and home sellers are no longer a single dimensional group but a complex melting pot of many different generations. It is imperative that brokers and agents read this book to fully master these different generational needs, wants and desires if they wish to succeed in the future."
--Stefan Swanepoel, Best Selling Author, RealtyU Group CEO

This book is terrific!!!! So clear, so well written and full of interesting facts and information. I think it is going to be of great value to anyone interested not only in real estate but in the meaning of our trends and our history of the past 100 years. I was impressed with the amount of research and knowledge.
--Elyse Lewin, Commercials Director

Well done! You have once again developed a program that is packed with worthwhile information.
--Joyce Bea Sterling, DREI

I can see this being a positive and instructive read for REALTORS® and even very informational for the general public, like me. A good "conversational" feel makes it non-threatening.
--Jack Ashby, High School English teacher and Athletic Director

An Essential Read
What a fascinating concept!
Generational Housing deals with differences among generational groups and how those differences affect attitudes and preferences in housing. The Multhaufs have created a valuable crash course in real estate and development. Their informative book is loaded with helpful statistics, charts, and references, and the information is skillfully conveyed. As an architect, I recommend this concise volume to colleagues, or anyone else concerned with housing.
--Lester Wertheimer, FAIA, Architect

I found it to be a good resource for anyone who is facing the challenge of selling to real estate buyers of different ages. It contains some great insights and stats that lay the groundwork for understanding these groups.
--Robert Wendover, CEO, Center for Generational Studies