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What The Experts Say....

Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery is an easy, informative read, and a must for anyone serious about a career in real estate sales. Read it, study it, and read it again. In the age of the Internet and Information, it is still vital to “know your customer.”

Saul Klein, Pres/CEO, InternetCrusade


Generational Quiz
Match up the following descriptions with the generation that most strongly exhibits the characteristics or is best described by the phrase. Choose GI (GI), Silent (S), Boomer (B), Gen X (GX), or Millennial (M). When you're done, click Submit to see your score.

The designation Generational Housing Specialist™ will help you to understand how generational personalities affect real estate decisions, housing choices, financing alternatives, and retirement options.

1. Woodstock
2. Compromise and consensus, mediation and arbitration
3. Impersonal, want private spaces
4. Civic duty
5. Sandwich generation
6. Latch key kids
7. Superpower America
8. Social networking
9. Loyal to employer
10. Family first, job secondary
11. Space program
12. "Make love, not war"
13. Hard work and sacrifice
14. Kent State
15. Life is uncertain, eat dessert first
16. Beatniks
17. "My BFF Jill"
18. Skeptical and pragmatic
19. Career focused workaholics
20. Need for external approval
21. The "Me Generation"
22. Being "wired" is essential for social acceptance
23. The Muppets
24. Universal design
25. Want speed
26. Security and stability
27. Boomerangs
28. Job shifting
29. Optimistic, "can do" attitude
30. Standardized subdivisions
31. "Never trust anyone over 30"
32. Sun City
33. Multitaskers and problem solvers
34. No fear of credit or debt
35. Live debt free
36. "You are not the boss of me."
37. Respect for elders
38. Multicultural, inclusive, interracial
39. Delayed gratification
40. "Whatever"